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snotraTuesday 26th of April 2005 11:36:30 AM
Classroom Room. - hehe, its me,
i admit that there is improvement in Classroom room but the problems r still there.eithr all get disconnected or the green or red lights r always on........
if the upgradetion does not bring anything, why it should be done......... the IT experts who r members of PB should also try to suggest the solution and provide help.......
gemini_zeusTuesday 26th of April 2005 05:52:48 PM
yes, there is a problem with the Classroomroom - yes my friend I agree there is a problem with it, I don`t know what it looked lile before because I'm a new member of PB, but I sure can see it doens't work for all connections as well... it's only good for highspeed conncetions, which is a pitty... (it will only work well if the user have flash player 7 or Mx and a GREAT connection)... i think y'all need to use a more "universal" and simpler kind of Classroom technology so everyone could benefit from it..