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bennylinWednesday 29th of September 2004 11:48:24 PM
Hidden Threads - i just want to suggesting that this feedback discuss, along with site updates, support request and wishlist are showed on the very first page of phrasebase discuss, not hidden like now, almost invisible if i can say.
AnyaMonday 25th of October 2004 10:52:15 AM
- You have a very valid point, here, Benny!
Although, at the same time, I would rather the feedback and troubleshooting section remained the way it is for the moment. Afterall, PhraseBase discuss is for learning languages, primarily. The troubleshooting is more for, well, troubleshooting.

If someone asks for support anywhere in the discuss, we will absolutely help and then move the thread to the support discuss, where it can be referenced later. I think it would be too confusing to have a full-fledged "support" discuss, the intent may be easily misinterpreted.

Our priority in every part of the discuss is to help those who need it!

Thank you for your suggestions!