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deliaSunday 12th of June 2005 04:33:47 PM
Question - How can I change fonts and make my writing bold or colourful?
jvz8aSunday 12th of June 2005 04:45:20 PM
- I don't know if we can change fonts, but for italics, bold and [color=red]c[/color][color=orange]o[/color][color=green]l[/color][color=yellow]o[/color][color=blue]r[/color], read [url=http://www.phrasebase.c../../discuss/index.php?action=faq#bbcodes]here[/url]. :)
bluehipopotamoSunday 12th of June 2005 04:54:58 PM
- [font=comic sans]you can change font style too.[/font]

[*font=font name]text here[*/font]

just remove the aterisks :)
jvz8aSunday 12th of June 2005 05:59:47 PM
- Thanks, blue :)
deliaSunday 12th of June 2005 07:01:31 PM
- thank you both
AxystosMonday 13th of June 2005 01:23:29 AM
- [size=5]..and you can change the size of the letters as well.[/size]

Just use [*size=#]text[*/size] without the asterisks where # is a number. The letters above have size 5, maximum seems to be 8, with which I won`t torture you now. :)
Normal discuss letter size is 2.