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snotraMonday 04th of July 2005 01:32:09 PM
Request. - the topik "Quotes of the Day " is the best topik of this site...

two things can be done to make it even better :

change in name : " Pealrs In Ocean " or somthng like that !!

and transfer it to Misclenious discuss !!

i thnk this will b good and more ppl will visit that topik ! :)

poet18Saturday 09th of July 2005 03:44:05 AM
- where is this quote thing? (sorry for sounding dumb)
jvz8aSaturday 09th of July 2005 10:02:01 AM
- No problem, poet. It's [url=http://www.phrasebase.c../../discuss/read.php?TID=1838]here[/url].