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CarameliciousTuesday 17th of May 2005 05:14:37 PM
The Posts Magically Gone - Does anyone know when the posts will stop dissappearing. I had posted lessons and now they are gone. I just want to know does anybody know so that I can post them back up, but of course I want to post them when I know that they wont get deleted again lol :D
TeupTuesday 17th of May 2005 05:32:33 PM
- It seems things are getting grip again finally.. my PM box is unharmed today, at least.
LeleTuesday 17th of May 2005 05:44:53 PM
- I had the same trouble with posts too but my PMs are untouched... :)
AnyaTuesday 17th of May 2005 07:30:10 PM
- The "magic" behind the magical disappearance of posts is that the discuss has been moving servers. It's a uniquely frustrating experience, I believe, that Jeff is working on. I will let you know as soon as I have any new information (website being on one server).
Hang in there, and I'm sorry for the inconveniences!
HablariaTuesday 17th of May 2005 07:50:23 PM
Unable to connect to Phrasebase - I guess this is as good a place and time to ask this question.
For the last month or so I have been experiencing a lot of difficulties in connecting with Phrasebase, spotty at times internally and at other times not at all. I always thought Phrasebase was and always has been up and running and that the connection problems were in my own computer,but maybe not so. Can someone tell me here now that my connection problems are not in my computer but due to the above changes taking place in Phrasebase?
Thanks for whatever info you can give me on this subject.

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DaanTuesday 17th of May 2005 10:40:23 PM
- Same problem occured here. It's probably because of server overload, as it worked smoothly for me in the non-rush hours of the internet :p