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bennylinWednesday 29th of September 2004 11:40:56 PM
WABP - some of them are:
-HisGirlFriday (see alsohttp://phrasebase.c../../discuss/read.php?TID=813)
-SF Broadcaster

i'm sorry that i have to mentioned those name here, but honestly,those picture are disturbing, since i cannot get rid of them. so if you want me to read your posts, you really need to rescale them.

if the issue is that you cannot resize them, then use the images provided by this very site

editing: add these names:
and delete some names
AnyaThursday 30th of September 2004 02:50:56 AM
- Bennylin,
Thank you for your post. Since I've been operating with a higher resolution screen, images look "normal" size to me, but since you've mentioned this, I went and checked the dimensions. The picture to the left is exactly 127 x 127 pixels (quite small to make from a regular picture). This is their ideal, squarish size according to upload specifications.

Your concern is very valid and well taken, as pictures take the longest to download.

If anyone would like help in shrinking their pictures, please email me at and I will shrink your picture and resend it to the email you provide.

How's this for a solution?

AnyaThursday 30th of September 2004 05:03:47 AM
- There is an excellent program that I've been using:
IrfanView. The benefits are that it's freeware and has a good "fractalization" algorithm, in other words it won't make your picture too badly pixelated (unless you make it very big/small).
It can be downloaded here: [url]
There's probably no need for everyone to download the program just to fix one avatar, so I volunteer to help with shrinking things down. Artistic touch with no extra charge ;) Email me or PM me and I can help!

bennylinThursday 30th of September 2004 01:39:24 PM
- thank you everyone, especially kayguarnay.

i do use irfanview too, because it's a good freeware. it also can reduce the size of the file (i saved my jpeg files as new files with smaller filesize with that software)