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Bruce B.Tuesday 15th of February 2005 07:34:40 AM
why? - I just read a very useful post and wished to reply. I received a message that the post is locked and that i can't reply anymore. What is this about? Why do we have posts that we can't reply to?

More to the point, what can we do about it? Thank you.
Peter fra LATuesday 15th of February 2005 11:05:29 AM
- A message can be locked by an admin if they are presenting material such as class lessons that they do not wish replies posted directly into but instead into a seperate and new post in the discuss or via the PM system.

It is a highly personal option. I don't lock my posts, others do. Every teacher has a different style they are used to and we have to accommodate that in return for the effort they put in to making and posting their lessons to teach us.

What to do?
Create a new post with questions or comments. You can copy and paste content from the original if you want to save some typing time.
Bruce B.Tuesday 15th of February 2005 04:03:23 PM
how to harmonize - Thank you, Peter. As usual, you are johnny-on-the-spot.

For what it may be worth, i will offer my humble and respectful opinion.

The locked discuss process seems to be at cross purposes with the spirit of Phrasebase. Here is my reasoning:

There is much encouragement to post and reply to posts. Locking fora discourages such open discussion, one reason being that a person reading a locked post may be totally unaware of any responses. With as many posts as there are, no ordinary member can track them all. Therefore, responses in the form of a separate thread could easily be lost.

Whether true or not, this also gives the impression that admins' posts are somehow of greater value and worthy of special treatment. Some may get the impression that an admin's post is somehow too perfect or complete for public response.

While i may not share this view, many who are hesitant or lack great confidence, especially newer members, may feel inhibited from participating.

As to encouraging response by PM (private message), i see two problems, one technical and one practical.

1)The PM system is apparently overloaded. At one time, i used the system carefully but extensively to good effect in communicating with other members for the sake of encouraging, informing and directing. Early in my membership, it became the rule, rather than the exception, that i would be unable to use the system. Now i can rarely send more than two PM's per week. That being the case, how does this arrangement benefit those who can't send PM's?

2)As a practical matter, is the discuss arrangement not designed to make teaching available to the masses? Recently, an admin* who locks posts, effectively curbing response, counseled me that the extensive teaching i do on IM (instant messager) is of limited value and does not promote the Phrasebase community because it is not available to all. This was in response to my public appeal for private input regarding English language problems. The moderator approached me to say that by compiling the questions privately, i was limiting discussion, the lifeblood of the discuss board. This one advised me to support the discuss and Classroom provisions more, something i have done. Am i hearing this right? Does this apply more to some than to others? Please correct me if my opinion is not solidly based.

Not meaning to be difficult, will someone clarify this statement?: ... we have to accomodate that in return for the effort they put in to (into?) making and posting their lessons to teach us. Doesn't this seem to indicate that others who exert themselves vigorously to write thoughtful and effective teaching posts, often monitoring and replying to them, are making less or less important effort?

Clearly, the admins who do such masterly and yeomanlike work need some authority to monitor, modify and even delete work that is harmful to individuals, groups or the community at large, as well as to make practical changes. In this opserver's lowly opinion, this does not fall into that catagory.

Having recently received a painful lesson in the dangers of misinterpreting statements, i kindly and respectfully request a fuller explanatation. Understanding and sharing is a pillar upon which the success of our community rests. I have expressed a tentative opinion based on what knowledge i have at hand. I believe that a cornerstone of wisdom is the willingness to change our views as our knowledge increases.

I would prefer to spend this time teaching which i would be doing if this matter weren't so important. Doubtless, the talented and self-sacrificing teachers who respond feel the same.

Please, advise, inform and, if necessary, reprove me, to the benefit of all. Thank you.

*For the record, i have profound respect and admiraion for this person. That is why i reserve judgment until an explanation comes, and i encourage all others to do the same. We serve ourselves and others by avoiding dissension and working for unity.