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MeryTuesday 29th of March 2005 08:09:05 PM
Déterminants - I'm going to explain you how you're supposed to use possessive adjectives. Many of you have problems using them. With a clear explanation you shouldn't have any problem anymore ;)


What are the French possessive adjectives?

The English possessive adjective my can either be translated by [color=red]mon, ma or mes[/color]

[color=blue]mon[/color] is used with masculine words: e.g. : mon chien (my dog)

[color=blue]ma[/color] is used with feminine words: e.g. : ma vie (my life)

And finally [color=blue]mes[/color] is used with plural nouns: e.g. : mes amis (my friends)

Easy, no? ;)

You just have to do the same thing with all the other possessive adjectives.

your => [color=red]ton, ta, tes [/color]

his / her / its => [color=red]son, sa, ses [/color]

our => [color=red]notre, nos[/color]
Note: notre is used with both feminine and masculine word: e.g. : notre chien / notre vie
Example with nos: nos enfants (our children)

your =>[color=red] votre, vos[/color] (polite form or when you talk to more than one person)
Note: votre: e.g. = votre chien / votre vie (your dog, your life)

their => [color=red]leur, leurs[/color]
Note: leur is used with singular noun (e.g. = leur chien) and leurs with plural nouns (e.g. = leurs chiens

I think there's a song to remember possessive adjectives in French 8-) I won't sing it for you , don't worry lol.

Here's an easy way to remember them:

mon, ma, mes
ton, ta, tes
son, sa, ses
notre, votre, leur
nos, vos, leurs (vos /leurs sounds like the word 'voleurs' which means thieves, just a tip to remember it ;) )

I'll post the exercises soon.
MeryTuesday 29th of March 2005 09:11:10 PM
- Exercice qui vous permet de gagner jusqu'à 10 S.E. :D


Fill in the blanks with the right possesive adjective

1. ----- père lui demande toujours de te taire.

2. Je crois que ------- maison est à vendre.

3. ------ voiture est tombée en panne.

4. ------ enfants sont très difficiles.

5. ------ chambre est toujours en désorde.
(your - 2nd person singular)

6. Je pense que ------ chiens sont très méchants.
(your = plural/formal)

7. J'ai vu ---- mère en train d'embrasser le facteur.

8. ------ yeux me font souffrir.

9. ----- bras lui fait mal.

10. J'ai vu ------ cousins dans la rue.
(your = 2nd person singular)

Très facile :)