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CarameliciousFriday 15th of April 2005 07:23:37 AM
Explanation of Unit 4 - This Explains Unit 4 and tells what is going on in the simulation.

Unit 4 is after you have bought your tickets you are now heading to France and we have all arrived there from our counrties. We meet each other and all introduce ourselves, [color=red]To simulation this please go to the "Practice" thread and everyone introduce yourself. The first person just introduce yourself. After that everyone else is to say hello to the person who posted above you and introduce yourself to them :D [/color].

We are all in the airport at Paris and are meeting each other, some people enjoy casual light conversation with each other and talk about what they do, as this goes along with introducing yourself.

We still have things to prepare, this unit we are also "supposed" to learn, the names of countries !

[color=purple]Have fun and enjoy the simulation, we are now in Paris, France. Among friends who like you are learning french. You currently know or are supposed to know lots of vocabulary, the introduction to two tenses, how to introduce yourself, and much much more. We accomplished this all in about 4 weeks. Stick with the simulation and see where you will be by the end.[/color]

[color=red]Don't forget that you are required to make at least one post a week / a unit in the simulation. Which some of you did not post last unit. Please make sure that you post something this unit. If you have any ideas, questions, or comments please email me or PM me[/color]