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CarameliciousThursday 21st of April 2005 05:56:10 PM
Explination: Unit 5 - Unit 5:

We have all met at the airport and greeted each other, now we will proceed to get a hotel and go out to eat. There people conversate with each other and are trying to show off how much French they know. :D

We have learned many things, now we are going on. Soon is our Shopping Unit. Make sure that you do exercises to recieve S.E. so that you can go and buy things. If at all possible, can you calculate around how much S.E. you have and PM it to me. Please be true and don't give yourself more S.E. than you actually have. If you calculate your S.E. it would make things go a lot faster for us. Merci Beaucoup! Don't forget if you want a shop, I need to have your information before Tuesday, or you won't get one. :)

This Unit you will learn:
~ Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns
~ A Review of Clothing
~ Learn how to express what you like and what you don't like
~ How to order food at a restaurant

[color=red] From now on I will include a section on what you will learn in this unit so that you will know what lessons to look out for. :D [/color]