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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:55:49 AM
French Contractions - Does anyone else have trouble with french contractions or is it just me lol? Here is a guide for all who are like me ! :D

The prepositions and de contract with the definite articles le and les and those forms of lequel. Note that la and l' do not contract.*

+ le - au
+ les - aux
+ lequel - auquel
+ lesquels - auxquels
+ lesquelles - auxquelles


de + le - du
de + les - des
de + lequel - duquel
de + lesquels - desquels
de + lesquelles - desquelles


+ la - la
de + la - de la
+ l' - l'
de + l' - de l'
+ laquelle - laquelle
de + laquelle - de laquelle

[color=red]Attention ![/color] When le and les are object pronouns, rather than definite articles, they do not contract with or de.
Je lui ai dit de le faire I told him to do it.
Il m'a aid les laver. He helped me wash them.