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CarameliciousFriday 27th of May 2005 09:11:49 PM
French Notice - Notice

We are more than half way through the simulation. More people have dropped out than I expected. :( . Um… I am going to start to create review exercises and we will spend the next unit (after unit 8) reviewing and catching up on questions and things before we move on. We will review all of the tenses and the vocabulary and grammar. I want to do a “Mid-Term” or something, if I do it will probably work like this. We will have everyone work on a different section. You will create the exercises and questions that will go on the test. You can then email me the section that you have ccreated. I will not look at it in depth because I would like to take the mid-term also :D. But I will just copy and paste them into a document as they come. Then I will post it up and everyone can just take it, do not send it to me, save it as a document on your own computer then, everyone will post the answers to your section and you can check your own work.

After the reviewing is over I would like everyone to try to start writing and respond to more things in French to get practicing, I would like people to go into the French discuss and look around at old games and try to “revive” them. After the review is over we will begin to learn the Subjunctive Tense if Mery is back by then I am going to ask her to conduct that and while we are learning this tense we will learn nothing else but this tense. I do not know if, but I have heard that it is a hard tense to grasp so I want to make it as easy as possible for those interested in learning.

Also, I am going to try to set up another simulation to follow this one after this one is over. It will be more covering pronunciation, developing fluency, and thinking off of the top of your heads in French. It will only be offered to those who complete this Simulation. I’m sorry, but after the way that this one has started to go, I really only want to try to help those who are willing to help themselves.

If you have any ideas on what we should do to review, please email me or PM me. Also this is the last time we are going to let people in for the simulation who have dropped out and who want to join back in, FOR SURE. And for those who know enough French to come and join in.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to PM me and I will defiantly write you back.

Merci beacoup et je veux parler à toute le monde qui ils apprendent le français bonne chance ! Maintenant, c’est pas beaucoup de gens dans le groupe, mais merci beaucoup. Je veux gens joindre et rentrer.

Excuse my mistakes :D