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MeryMonday 24th of January 2005 12:12:47 AM
French PHRASES 00 - Here's the French alphabet, but without the English equivalent. I think it wouldn't be good idea to establish a link between French and English. Many letters have a different pronunciation according to the language. For each letter, I'll give you a French word, which contains that letter.

[color=red]I'll add audio files to help you pronounce the alphabet and the examples mentioned. Can anyone please tell me how to put my audio files here? Thanks :)[/color]

[color=blue]A, a [/color] as in [color=purple]un avion[/color] = a plane

[color=blue]B,b [/color] as in [color=purple]un bateau [/color] = a boat, a ship

[color=blue]C,c [/color] as in [color=purple] un cadeau [/color] = a present

[color=blue]D,d [/color] as in [color=purple] une dent [/color] = a tooth

[color=blue]E,e [/color] as in [color=purple] appeler [/color] = to call

[color=blue]F,f [/color] as in [color=purple] une fleur [/color] = a flower

[color=blue]G,g [/color] as in [color=purple] un gâteau [/color] = a cake

[color=blue]H,h [/color] as in [color=purple] un haricot [/color] = a bean

[color=blue]I,i [/color] as in [color=purple] du riz [/color] = rice

[color=blue]J,j [/color] as in [color=purple] janvier [/color] = January

[color=blue]K,k [/color] as in [color=purple] un koala [/color] = a koala

[color=blue]L,l [/color] as in [color=purple] laver [/color] = to wash

[color=blue]M,m [/color] as in [color=purple] une maison [/color] = a house

[color=blue]N,n [/color] as in [color=purple] nouveau [/color] = new

[color=blue]O,o [/color] as in [color=purple] un objet [/color] = an object

[color=blue]P,p [/color] as in [color=purple] un pays [/color] = a country

[color=blue]Q,q [/color] as in [color=purple] quand [/color] = when

[color=blue]R,r [/color] as in [color=purple] rester [/color] = to stay

[color=blue]S,s [/color] as in [color=purple] savoir [/color] = to know

[color=blue]T,t [/color] as in [color=purple] traverser [/color] = to cross

[color=blue]U,u [/color] as in [color=purple] utiliser [/color] = to use

[color=blue]V,v [/color] as in [color=purple] une voiture [/color] = a car

[color=blue]W,w [/color] as in [color=purple] wallon [/color] = Walloon

[color=blue]X,x [/color] as in [color=purple] un xylophone [/color] = a xylophone

[color=blue]Y,y [/color] as in [color=purple] un yaourt [/color] = a yoghurt

[color=blue]Z,z [/color] as in [color=purple] un zoo [/color] = a zoo


MeryMonday 24th of January 2005 12:58:11 AM
4 types of accents - [color=red]1. Le tréma[/color] = diaeresis

[color=green]ë[/color] as in 'Noël' (Christmas)

[color=green]ï[/color] as in 'haïr' (to hate)

[color=red]2. L'accent circonflexe[/color]

[color=green]â [/color] as in 'un gâteau' (a cake)

[color=green]ê [/color] as in 'une poêle' (a frying pan)

[color=green]î [/color] as in 'paraître' (to appear)

[color=green]ô [/color] as in 'un geôlier' (a jailer)

[color=green]û [/color] as in 'août' (August)

[color=red]3. L'accent aigu[/color]

[color=green]é[/color] as in 'un élève' (a pupil)

[color=red]4. L'accent grave [/color]

[color=green]à[/color] as in 'voilà' (here is)

[color=green]è[/color] as in 'une scène' (a stage)

[color=green]ù[/color] as in 'où' (where)
MeryMonday 24th of January 2005 01:57:20 AM
Comments on some letters - [color=red]c[/color] can be pronounced from two different ways, either 'k' as in 'un cauchemar' (a nightmare) or 's' as in 'une menace' (a threat). When a c is followed by a e or a i , it'll be pronounced as a 's':

E.g. = une menace (a threat)
= merci (thank you)

If a c is followed by a a, o or u , it'll be pronounced as a k

E.g. = un cadeau (a present)
= un corridor (a corridor)
= un cube (a cube)

BUT in some cases, you have to use a special letter called [color=blue]une cédille[/color] = [color=red]ç [/color]. It's used before a 'a, o or u'. Then, 'c' is no longer pronounced as a 'k', but as a 's'.

E.g. = un reçu (a receipt)
= perçant (from the verb 'to drill' = percer)
= ...ço... (can't find an example now lol)

[color=red]g[/color] can either be pronounced 'g' as in une guitare or 'j' (the French 'j') as in un géant = a giant.

[color=red]h[/color] isn't inspired.

[color=red]q[/color] is often pronounced as 'k', e.g. = quatre = four or 'kw' as in quadriceps.

[color=red]w[/color] is often pronounced 'v', e.g. = un wagon , or 'w' as in Walloon

[color=red]y[/color] also has 2 different pronounciations, either 'y' as in un yaourt or 'i' as in Yvon (a male first name)

MeryMonday 24th of January 2005 04:26:30 AM
Diphthongs - There are a huge number of diphthongs in French. I might have forgotten some of them. If so, feel free to PM me and I'll edit my post :)

[color=red]an[/color] as in [color=blue]dans [/color]= in

[color=red]au [/color] as in [color=blue]une auberge [/color] = an inn

[color=red]ai[/color] as in [color=blue]je mangerai [/color] = I'll eat

[color=red]ei[/color] as in [color=blue]un orteil [/color] = a toe

[color=red]en[/color] as in [color=blue]une dent [/color]= a tooth (dent has the same pronunciation as the word dans)

[color=red]eu[/color] as in [color=blue]heureux [/color] = happy

[color=red]oê[/color] as in [color=blue]une poêle [/color] = a frying pan

[color=red]in[/color] as in [color=blue]un jardin [/color] = a garden. NOTE: in and ain are pronounced in the same way. E.g. = un pain (a loaf of bread)

[color=red]oi[/color] as in [color=blue]un oiseau [/color] = a bird

[color=red]on[/color] as in [color=blue]une onde [/color] = a wave

[color=red]ou [/color] as in [color=blue] un ouvrier [/color] = a worker

[color=red]ui[/color] as in [color=blue] puiser [/color] = to draw

[color=red]un[/color] as in [color=blue] un [/color] = a (indefinite article)