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CarameliciousTuesday 10th of May 2005 08:17:36 PM
Hello Everybody - Many people have replied to me about still wanting to be in the simulation. I would like to ask a favor from everyone that still wants to be in the simulation. Please send me an email in french, telling me what you know, what you don't know, and what you have learned in the simulation. This is sort of like an evaluation also :D. I am going to be getting interenet at home again pretty soon so then I can continue to write lessons and things for the simulation. I will probably begin about next week. Until then can people please start making new topics and asking questions in the French discuss. It is just that it kind of discourages me to try to start up the simulation again when it seems that no one is active.

Soon I am going to be starting the simulation back up, I still have to send Mery a PM ;) I see that she will not be online for a couple of days though :D. Please if you have a personal thread, start to use those and if you don't PM me and I will talk with Mery about getting you one :D.

If you would like to still be in the simulation please make sure that you send me an email or a PM. You can email me at [color=red][/color]. I just wanted to make a post letting people know that I am going to try to start the simulation back up, and to ask people to please be more active, I am going to be making a lot of posts as I am going to start making the lessons and then when I get a chance, when I get the internet back, I am going to post them all at one time along with activities in the Activities Thread.

Merci Beaucoup !