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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:52:34 AM
Lesson: COD - COI - Originally Posted By: Mery

This week we're going to focus on the French COD (direct object) and COI (indirect object).

COD stands for complément d'objet direct, sometimes called CVD.
COI stands for complément d'objet direct, sometimes called CVI.

1. Complément d'objet direct (COD)

Let me give you an example:

Je vois Marc dans le jardin du voisin.
=> in this sentence 'Marc' is COD

1. It can be replaced by a pronoun: je le vois dans le jardin du voisin

2. The COD (in this case Mark) can be the answer to a question you ask (a question using either qui or quoi as an interrogative pronoun):

EXAMPLE WITH 'QUI': qui vois-tu? ANSWER: Marc

Another example:

Je regarde les oiseaux par la fenêtre.

1. You can replace the COD by a pronoun: je les regarde par la fenêtre

2. You can have 'les oiseaux' as an answer to a question using either quoi or qui as an interrogative pronoun:

EXAMPLE WITH 'QUOI': Tu regardes quoi? (que regardes-tu?)
ANSWER = les oiseaux

What are the pronouns that can be used to replace a COD?

a)l' before a verb who begins with a vowel
e.g. = j'ai vu un chien ==> je l'ai vu (I saw it)

b)le with masculine words (cf. above)

c)la with feminine words
e.g. = je vois une maison => je la vois

d)les with plural words (cf. above)

2. Complément d'objet indirect (COI)

An example:

Je donne un livre à Marc
=> un livre: COD
=> à Marc: COI

QUESTION 1: je donne quoi? ANSWER: un livre (COD)
QUESTION 2: à qui? ANSWER: à Marc (COI)

When you can ask a question in which à qui or à quoi is the interrogative pronoun, it means that the answer to your question is a COI

Another example:

Elle joue au footbal. QUESTION: elle joue à quoi? ANSWER: au football

What are the pronouns that can be used to replace a COI?

2 different pronouns: lui and leur


a) Je donne un livre à Marc => je lui donne un livre
Also with feminine words: je donne un livre à Clara => je lui donne un livre

b)Je donne un livre aux enfants => je leur donne un livre. In this sentence you have to use 'leur' because enfants is a plural noun.



=> COD => quoi? / qui?
=> COI => à quoi? / à qui?


=> COD => l' / le / la / les
=> COI => lui / leur