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CarameliciousTuesday 19th of April 2005 05:07:10 AM
└ Moi Paris Discussion - This is a discussion over └ Moi Paris. A book that is in the "Assignments" Thread. └ Moi Paris will help you with listening comprehension and it is a good story.
If you would like to take part in the discussion, there is no registration lol :D just say what you like. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO TALK IN FRENCH Talk about, the book, here are some starting ideas:

What do you like about the book?
Do you like the book?
What don't you like about the book?
Why don't you like these things?
Why do you like the things that you like?
Who is your favorite character?
Can you understand what is being said?
What can't you understand?
What are you not sure about?
CarameliciousTuesday 10th of May 2005 07:42:41 PM
Chapitre 1 - J'aime le chaptire, il-est facil comprendre.... pour moi. Le livre est interresant et non dur. Dans ce chapitre Je pense que chacun peut le lire. Je n'aime pas que elle lit et elle fait une pause beaucoup mais je pense que une pause aider les gens.