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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:31:13 AM
Prices - This Thread will include all the prices for everything in the Simulation. When there are things that someone might need to purchase you may come here and look for the prices. As more things are needed there will be more lists of prices of things in this thread. You will not have to look all over to find prices, but we are going to post all prices in here. I would like to ask that no one post in this Thread but if you have questions PM me.



Tickets for Transportation -
L'avion - 700 S.E.
[color=red]Luxury Class / First Class Section - 800 S.E.[/color]
Le train - 200 S.E.
Le navire - 800 S.E.
Le bus - 150 S.E.


[color=purple] These are going to be the prices when you order your tickets to go to Paris. Please know that you will be leaving from the country you live in, therefore someone in the United States[/color] [color=red]CANNOT[/color] [color=purple]take the bus to Paris. All ticket orders will be placed in French and we have yet planned how ticket orders will work. Make sure that you keep answering questions and learning, S.E. is a important ! [/color]