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CarameliciousFriday 22nd of April 2005 06:50:15 AM
Spelling Changes in -ER Verb Conjugation - Here are some rules of conjugation that may apply to some
-ER Verbs. These rule explain things in a way you might not have thought of:


~ Most verbs of the thinrd conjugation of -RE verbs have a stem ending in "d" like vendre. Those few whose stems don't end in "d", like rompre (to break) and interrompre (to interrupt), add a t in the end of the third person singular.

il/elle rompt


There are also some spelling changes in the present tense of the "-ER" verbs, in the verbs whose stems end in C, G, and Y. These changes are required by the rules of French Spelling.

~ Verbs whose stems end in c, such as commencer (to begin), add a cedilla under the "c" in the nous form.

Nous Commenons.

~ Verbs whose stems end in "g", such as manger (to eat), add an e after the g in the nous form.

Nous Mangeons

~ Verbs whose stems end in "y", like nettoyer (to clean), change the y --> i before a silent "e", in all the singular forms and the third person plural.

Je nettoie
Tu nettoies
Il / Elle / On nettoie
Ils / Elles nettoient

* Verbs ending in -ayer many either make the above change or keep the y in all of the forms: je paie or je paye. Verbs in -oyer and -uyer must change the "y" to an "i" before a silent "e".

[color=orange] I will add exercises later on ;) [/color]