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CarameliciousMonday 02nd of May 2005 04:19:01 AM
Still Interested? - Please Read and Take into Consideration !

Is anyone still interested in the French Simulation? It seems that as we go on people don't do anything, they don't respond, they have even stopped playing the games. And not only in this simulation even in the actual French discuss.
I am dissapointed, the people who signed up for this in the beginning we asked you to not sign up if you were not going to stay with the program.

The simulation has taken a lot of time to plan and the participants who signed up said that they would stay with it and reap the benifits, but now everyone has left. This disapponts me very much, mostly becuase I am trying to learn french so that I can get into a higher french class next year so I thought this would be a good idea. I write a lot of the exercises therefore I cannot do them, I already know the answers. but yet it seems that others don't even take in the consideration all that Mery and Myself have done to try and make this project work. I mean come on now - this is a 13 week project and we have already postponed it once to see if you would respond, this takes a lot of planning. We plan the different units, make exercises and take time to explain grammar and the different tense all for nothing, just to help people learn !

I want to know who was and is still actually interested in the simulation. If we get enough people we will continue it, S.E. will probably be reissued and we will just start where we left off. So if you really want to learn french, and you want to learn it fast and efficent, rejoin the simulation. We will try our best to correct things and make things better but we need the support of you the participant and the USER !
If you would like to rejoin the simulation and you care that much about learning french, then take one minute out of your day and PM me, which I am sure will not kill you lol. I am dissapointed but I would very much still like to help people and myself learn french.
Merci Beaucoup !