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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:33:01 AM
Unit 1 - [color=purple]This is an Explaination of Unit 1:[/color]

Bonjour Mes Amis !
Welcome to the First Unit of the Simulation. This Unit is Unit 1 - Transportation. This Unit is all about cars, trains, airplanes, etc. This unit also introduces you to conjugation !

There is a conjugation lesson in the France discuss and also some exercises which I encourage everyone to do all of them ! The more you do the better you will get.

For everything that you do right you will earn SimEuros (S.E.), S.E. will be used in the simulation for all sorts of things, buying plane tickets, getting on the train, buying things in our shopping unit, etc. Earn as many as you can and get good practice now for later on the rules for getting S.E. will change ;).

Soon you will be buying your tickets for your plane to get to Paris, train tickets, etc. These all have fixed rates so that they are all the same, every person will have the choice of how they would like to get to Paris ! We will post the prices and give each participant their S.E. soon ! Till then earn as much as you can by participating in games, doing exercises, etc.

Also please look at the vocabulary and try to know them, at the end of the entire Simulation and this week you are expected to know all if not most of these vocabulary words. You never know, there might even be a test ;)

We will post new things all the time so make sure to visit the France discuss often. Also each participant is REQUIRED to respond to and exercise or something at least once a week, although we expect you to respond more than that.

Also with buying your plane tickets and things now. You will not be leaving your country until close to around Unit 3. Also please know that nothing in this Simulation is REAL EVERYTHING IS MADE UP. WE ARE DOING THIS SIMULATION BECAUSE IT IS A FUN WAY TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE MODIVATED, REALLY MODIVATED, TO LEARN FRENCH IN A FAST AND EFFICIENT WAY !

Thank You, this concludes the explination of Unit 1. There will be a different explination post every week, because every week we start a new unit.

Merci Beacoup !