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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:54:07 AM
Unit 4 - Introductions - Working on introducting yourself

Saying Hi and What Your Name Is
Bonjour - Hello
Bonsoir - Good Evening
Salut - Hi
Comment t'appelles-tu ? - What's your name (familiar)
Comment vous applez-vous? - What's your name (formal)
Je m'appelle.... - My name is....
Moi - Me
Et toi? - And you?

How to talk about where people are from

Tu es de...? - Are you from...?
Je suis de... - I'm from...

---Les Nationalités---
Français(e) - French
Anglais(e) - English
Américain(e) - American
Canadien(ne) - Canadian
Européen(ne) - European
Africain(e) - African
Belge - Belgian
Italien(ne) - Italian
Portugais(e) - Portugese
Mexicain(e) - Mexican

Oui - Yes
Non - No
Et - And
Ou - Or
Aussi - Also, Too


These basic phrases will get you through introducing yourself, telling your name, and what nationality your are. Soon I will make some exercises for this lesson. I don't think that there is that much explaination needed to learn how to use tese things. Just whatever you need just use it. These things are great to learn and they are not that hard and when you go to another country or somewhere where they speak french these are very good to know .