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CarameliciousWednesday 20th of April 2005 07:11:19 PM
Unit 5: J'aime - What you like and what you don’t like


J’aime…. – I like…

Je n’aime pas…. – I don’t like…


To understand how many sentences are formed you must understand their structure in French.

A regular verb in most romantic languages, translate to English in the infinitive form. This means that they have “To” before the verb.

Parler = TO talk

Choisir = TO chose


[color=blue] J’aime [/color] [color=orange] lire [/color] = [color=blue] I like [/color] [color=orange] TO read[/color].

The verbs in these phrases are verb important. In order to say what you do and don’t like to do use either J’aime or Je n’aime pas (Je ne aime pas) before an UNCONJUGATED VERB.

When you conjugate the verb you take the “TO” part out and replace it with a pronoun. Also the phrase itself is in a conjugated form, and in most romantic languages you do not place to conjugated verbs next to each other, if you do your sentence or thought may not make sence.

J’aime parle or J’aime je parle. THIS IS WRONG, this translates roughly to:

I like I talk. You would not say this in English, so don’t try to say it in French. :D

*Many sentences that you will learn to make, the verb will be left unconjugated in the infinitive form, but the person you are talking to will understand that there is not “TO”, that you simply want to use an unconjugated verb. If this seems difficult, just regard it till it comes up later on, then you will learn it. :D

Exercise: Find and Fully Conjugate in both Tenses the Verb that "J'aime" comes from. Then tell us 5 things that you and other people do like to do, and 5 things that you and other people don't like to do.

*Other people means after you fully conjugate the verb, use different forms of it besides "J'aime"