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CarameliciousSunday 24th of April 2005 05:52:24 AM
Unit 5: Ordering Food - [color=red]
I am using a new format. After reviewing what some people said that we need, I have come up with some new ideas for organization. Please PM me and tell me what you think of this new format. If you like it, I will continue to use this. If you don't I will swich back.
Ordering Food in a Restaurant


[color=green]Ordering Food Vocabulary

Beverages – Les Boisson
Food – La Nourriture
Hot - Chaud
Delicious - Délicieux
Sweet - Sucré
Spicy - Épicé
Tasty - Savoureux
Vegetarian - végétarien
Very Tasty - Très Savoureux
Nasty – Mauvais

Menu - Le Menu
Waiter - Le Serveur
Waitress - La Serveuse
Bill / Check – Le Billet / Le chèque[/color]


Could you bring me…? - Pouvez-vous m'apporter...?,
I would like… – Je voudrais… / j'aimerais

How much is it? – Combien ça coûte
Separate Checks - Payer séparément'

[color=purple] Affirmatives:

Something – Quelque chose
Someone – Quelqu’un
Some – des; du; de la; de l’; quelques
Always - Toujours
Also – Aussi


Nothing - Rien
No one – personne
None - Aucun
Not Any - aucun
Without - Sans
Neither - Ni l'un ni l'autre / aucun (From a translator)
Either - L'un ou l'autre (From a translator) soit... ou... = either.... or....


To Serve - Servir
To Bring – Apporter (A thing); Amener (A person)
To Set - Placer
To Set the Table – Mettre la table
To Eat –Manger
To Eat lunch - Déjeuner
To ask - Demander

Food and Drink Words

La Nourriture - Food
La Viande - Meat
Le Poulet - Chicken
Le Porc - Pork
Le Boeuf - Beef
Le Maïs - Corn
La Laitue - Lettuce
Les Carottes - Carrots
Les Oignons - Onions
Le Fromage - Cheese
Une pommes - An Apple
Une Poire - Pear
Un Raisin - Grape
Une Fraise - Strawberry
Une Myrtille - Blueberry
Le Vin - Wine
l'Eau -Water
Le Thé - Tea
Le Soda - Soda
Le Poisson - Fish
La Salade - Salad
Le Jus d'Orange - Orange Juice
Le Jus de Pomme - Apple Juice
Le Gâteau - Cake
Une Tarte - Pie (From Translator)
Les Biscuits - Cookies

[color=red]In text DO NOT capitalize the names of the nouns. French unlike english is not a Germanic Language ![/color]

Ordering food in french should not be hard using the vocabulary listed above.

~ This would be a time to use the pronoun "vous"

Vous is used with people you do not know or ones who you are showing respect to. I would suspect it would be good to use "vous" when addressing the waiter or waitress or anyone you meet at the resturant.

Always be polite.

Other Useful Phrases:

Excusez-moi - Excuse Me
J'ai faim - I am hungry
J'ai soif - I am thristy
Merci - Thank you
Le repas était très bon - The meal was great
Le repas était bon - The meal was good
Le repas était mauvais- The meal was bad

Exercises will be posted soon :D !

I tried to use HTML in this thread to make a new format. It doesn't look like it worked. :(
I will think of something new and try that with later lessons

DorotiSunday 24th of April 2005 06:22:38 AM
- Hi,
It's really nice :) But I have two suggestions... I think it would be better if info appeared in two columns, so we can find all things in one page and won't need to scroll it down... Also that orange colour for verbs is too blond :) I mean too light, and it's difficult to read it... :)
CarameliciousSunday 24th of April 2005 06:32:02 AM
- Désolé, as of right now, I do not know how to make them appear beside each other. I am going to have to experiment around. Also each box is not supposed to be that big lol. Each on is supposed to be small with scroll bars on it. It appears that phrasebase wont allow me to use HTML or something. I don't know? I will change the font colors to make them better.

From now on, people please try to fight the urge of writing in the posts that are lessons and exercises. PM me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Merci beaucoup