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CarameliciousSunday 24th of April 2005 11:50:13 PM
Unit 6 is COMING - As I said before, unit 6 is our shopping unit. Be sure to prepare for this unit by doing exercises to get S.E.

If you would like a shop please PM me the following. Hurry, after tuesday I will create no more shop and I will post the link to the Market!

1. The name of your shop
2. What you shop sells
3. A description of your shop - optional, must be in french and english
4. A detailed list of what you sell and their prices, in french and english.
5. Colors that you like - optional
6. Anything that you would like to say to visitors of your shop !

Hurry. After tuesday no more shops will be created ! If you were thinking about creating a shop and you sent me something and it is not complete, I sent you a PM !

Merci Beaucoup !