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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:46:56 AM
Unit 7 - Verbs in Passé Composé that use Être ( and some other irregular verbs )

There are a few verbs that use être in the passé compose tense. Most of these verbs deal with movement or motion in some way, also the reflexive verbs use être in the passé compose tense. There is a way that makes them easy to learn, just remember the phrase [color=purple] “DR and MRS VANDERTRAMP”[/color]

D – Devenir (Devenu) – To Become
R – Revenir (Revenu) – To Return (To come back)
M – Mourir (Mort) – To Die
R – Retourner (Retourné) – To Return
S – Sortir (Sorti) – To go out
V – Venir (Venu) – To come
A – Aller (Allé) – To Go
N – Naître (Né) – to be born
D - Descendre (Descendu) – To go down, to descend
E – Entrer (Entré) – To Enter
R – Rentrer (Rentré) – To re-enter, to return
T – Tomber (Tombé) – To fall down
R – Rester (Resté) – To Remain, To Stay
A – Arriver (Arrivé) – To Arrive
M – Monter (Monté) – To go up, To Climb
P – Partir (Parti) – To Leave

* Reflexive verbs also use être in the passé compose. You can tell a reflexive verb by the inclusive of a reflexive pronoun: me, re, se, nous, vous, se
( always se before the infinitive )
EX: se réveiller (to wake up), se lever (to get up), se laver (to wash) etc.

You should learn how to conjugate all of these verbs in être – passé compose; there are some that have irregular patterns in their conjugation. I suggest you learn their Passé Composé conjugation, Future Tense Conjugation (Yes we know this tense, if you have forgotten it there is a lesson on it in the FRANCE discuss ), and you should know its Present Tense Conjugation.
Exercises for this unit are located in the Assignments Thread

Some Irregular Verbs:

These verbs follow no pattern and must be memorized:

Faire – To Do; To Make
Venir – To Come
Mettre – To Put
Lire – To Read
Voir – To See
Dire – To Say
Vouloir – To Want
Prendre – To Take
Écrire – To Write
Pouvoir – To be able to (can)
Svoir – To Know (Facts, how to)
Boire – To Drink
Conduire – To Drive (and all the –uire verbs… I will look them up to see if there is a solid conjugation )
Connâitre – To Know (To know / be familiar with (people or places ) )
Croire – To Believe
Vivre – To live (to be alive)
Rire – (and sourire) – To laugh (and to smile)
Courir – To Run
Recevoir – To Receive
Mourir – To Die
Offrir – To offer (and all –rir verbs)
Suivre To follow; to take ( a class )

Exercises for this unit are located in the Assignments Thread