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CarameliciousMonday 27th of June 2005 02:47:52 AM
Unit 8 - Avoir Phrases

There are many phrases and expressions that in English we say “I Am” with, such as “I am hungy.” Or “I am hot”. In other languages one would express these with a verb that means “to have” in French we say “Avoir” which translates to “To Have”. Avoir is an irregular verb (If you do not know the conjugation review the lesson on conjugation, there is an example of avoir in there). In my opinion I believe the French say this because the body “has” it, as in the body “has” hunger or thirst or tiredness. Avoir Phrases are usually used to express physical sensations.

Common Phrases and Expressions of Avoir:

Avoir faim, soif, sommeil, chaud, froid To Be hungry, thirsty, sleepy, warm, cold
Avoir mal à tête, aux yeux, à l’estomac To have a headache, sore eyes, a stomach ache
Avoir mal au Coeur To be sick to one’s stomach

Avoir de la chance – To be lucky
Avoir besoin de qqch – to need something
Avoir envie de qqch – To feel like (having) something
Avoir envie de faire qqch – To feel like doing something
Avoir l’intention de faire qqch – To intend to do something
Avoir raison – To be right
Avoir tort – To be wrong


AVOIR _____ ANS TO BE __________ YEARS OLD

Avoir l’air + adjective – to look
Il a l’air triste, intelligent, distrait. – He looks sad, intelligent, absent-minded.

Avoir l’air de + noun = to look like a

Elle a l’air d’une artiste, d’un professeur
She looks like an artist, a teacher.