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CarameliciousThursday 26th of May 2005 03:32:47 AM
Verbs - Irregular verbs most of the time are always irregular and that means yes, they are always a pain because they need to be memorized. So here are somethings as I will say "Will cause some pain now, but will make things better later." I think that these verbs need to be memorized because they follow no pattern but are commonly seen.
Please try to understand and memorize as many of these as you can, the more that you memorize the easier it will be when you have to use these verbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faire - To Do; To Make
Avoir - To Have
Être - To Be
Aller - To Go
Prendre - To Take
Venir - To Come
Devoir - To owe; should; ought; must
Pouvoir - To be able to
Vouloir - To Want

There are some irregular verbs that resemble regular verbs... but they are still irregular :D

Ouvrir - To Open
Conjugated like Ouvrir:
Accueillir - To Welcome
Couvrir - To Cover
Cueillir - To gather; to pick (flowers)
Découvrir - to discover
Rouvrir - To Reopen
Souffrir - To suffer

Partir - To leave, set out for (a destination)
Conjugated like partir -
Dormir - To sleep
Mentir - To lie
Repartir - To leave again
Sentir - To Feel
Servir - To Serve
Sortir - To go out

Mettre - To Put
Conjugated like mettre
Battre - To beat
Combattre - To fight
Débattre - To debate
Omettre - To Omit
Permettre - To permit
Promettre - To promise

Verbs like Convaincre - To convince, and vaincre - to conquer have two stems. The singular stem ends in -c abd the plural stem ends in -qu.

Je convaincs
Tu convaincs
Il/Elle/On convainc
Nous convainquons
Vous convainquez
Ils/Elles convainquent

Infinitives ending in -aindre, -eindre, and oindre have two stems. The singular ends in -n and the plural stem ends in -gn. they follow the pattern of the verb craindre - To fear

Je crains
Tu crains
Il/Elle/On craint
Nous craignons
Vous craignez
Ils/Elles craignent

Conjugated like Craindre -
Atteindre - To reach to attain
éteindre - to put out, to extinguish
Joindre - to join
peindre - to paint
plaindre - to pity
rejoindre - to rejoin

There are alot more rules, after a few days of these being posted I will post somemore... and no I have not memorized all of these, actually I skipped this chapter in my book, I am glad that I went back to view it. :D