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CarameliciousFriday 15th of April 2005 07:12:09 AM
What do you need? - I want to ask people who are participating in the simulation. Do you find the assignments eary or hard? Do they provide you with good practice? Should there be more exercises per activity? and What else do you need help with?

I would really like for someone to answer these questions. I have many more ideas, but I have yet to make the assignements for them. Also I am soon going to be posting URLs that I have found for worksheets that you can print and do for specific verbs. In different tenses.

I would like for people to answer these so that Myself and Mery know what to post to help people out. I have also noticed that lately noone has been posting, I would like to know what is there that we can do to make things more interesting if that needs to be done? We can think of more games or anything if you all need it.

I need people to reply because this is hard to plan these things and like you all, I am too learning french, but I am also helping to organize this simulation. Can you all please help me by adding your input.

Merci Beaucoup

p.s. if you need any help with anything or to review anything please PM me and I will make any necessary posts.
chelle73Friday 15th of April 2005 10:36:46 AM
- Salut,

I haven't been posting because i got a job this week and i haven't had time. but i will catch up this weekend.
CarameliciousMonday 18th of April 2005 07:50:54 PM
- Soon I will be posting lessons on:

- Masculine and Feminine Words and Identifying them
- Translating from English to French
- Translating from French to English
- Listening Comprehension Exercises :D < - Excited about these
- More Worksheets with more verbs
- Identifing the tenses we know
- Mixing Tenses (I will try)

Also please respond in this topic if there are anythings that you don't quite understand so that I can make some exercises.

These exercises will be located in the "Assignments" thread

Merci Beaucoup