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RenanTuesday 26th of April 2005 09:58:45 PM
Indonesian war..... - Indonesia has so many trouble in Malaysia, Singapore and Philipines....

for right now... Indonesia will be fight with Malaysia... caused malaysia has Claimed "the Ambalat" include to their continental zone!

But Indonesian disagree with it!

and Finally... Indonesia will be fight...

Indonesian and Malaysian is the one ethnic!

so pray to Indonesia and malay will be smile in the peace


Ricky ernaldi Pratama
stormgoblinWednesday 27th of April 2005 11:36:14 AM
- that's crazy! do you think that this has something to do with the current of warfare which was in some ways brought-on by the american warfare with the middle east?
or, could you please explain to me the implications of the culture of your region, and what grounds they would feel they have to fight? like, are there certain religious groups that associate with indonesia and malaysia? and, what would be the differences in indonesian and malaysian politics.
or, what are the economic implications of including the ambalat as part of malaysia. it would be interesting to see if these countries have more moral integrity to back out of a fight, than american government has with its wars.
i hate to see my brothers in se asia getting into trouble. i have no real ethnic ties to this area, however, i like the culture and music of the islands. see you later,
bennylinWednesday 27th of April 2005 11:58:42 AM
- what? i though they are agreed to peace (as the last news says). Malaysia confessed that Indonesia has a stronger position on Ambalat, so they will think twice before bring this whole thing to International Criminal Court (Mahkamah Internasional). I think both country don't want to have a war between them too, don't believe news that exagerating the whole problem. And I agree, pray for both country, the goverments, the people, the news, to be condusive in this matter
grinnerTuesday 03rd of May 2005 03:50:32 PM
- ah, come... which piece of media claimed that Malaysia has submitted to being weaker in claim to said area? this must be the same media that claimed our Deputy Prime Minister had apologized to the 'accident' between the two countries' naval vessels. must also be the same media that's encouraging their people to rise against Malaysia, most probably to cloud many of their own internal problems. well, as has been proven many times, we will let the diplomatic channels manage this, and hopefully both sides will stick to the facts :)
jimozSunday 08th of May 2005 01:35:03 PM
Indonesia war - If Indonesia ever bothers Malaysia I will declare war on Indonesia.

Take note Indonesia. Your actions in Timor and PNG were disgusting enough but if you lay a hand on Malaysia you will have me to contend with. I will take no prisoners.
grinnerTuesday 10th of May 2005 11:57:55 AM
- ... bonzer jimoz! :) though to be fair, i still think the media (of that country) is mostly responsible for all this war-mongering talk going on... and hopefully... no, i pray that's all there is... just talk. i would hate to ever see war, least in these regions, more so between neighbours and at a stretch, brothers... but then again, the flag-burning is most distasteful, even if it's the work of some over-excited, under-educated few. Let the governments talk over this peacefully, without name-calling or bad-blood, and if all fails then the International Court will decide... nothing more. blood over territory? Never again!