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cecilioMonday 09th of May 2005 05:47:48 AM
the military role - the purpose for the military is not for defending the country's borders or to protect its citizens
it is to send its youngest soldiers to fight and die in the attempts to gain superior wealth, land, etc
it is to satisfy the desires and avrice of the few rich who are greatly benefited by the deaths of many
it is the plebian civilian who does not see a cent out of it
that is the purpose of the military
if the world would not bend into the desires of anger and rage, into the desires of hatred, and just followed the example of Christ or anyother prophet for those whose religion do not follow Christ's teachings, and followed peace and luv, we would not be in such a mess
at least that is one way of looking at it
jwoods5000Monday 09th of May 2005 06:13:55 AM
- Or we could look at it this way:

The purpose of the military is to protect the country's borders and it's citizens
It trains it youngest soldiers to protect and defend
It is for the benefit of the citizens of said country
It is a last option for political disagreements between countries