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Phuong_Hoang05Saturday 29th of January 2005 01:12:27 PM
War - share your thoughts with us.
Sunday 30th of January 2005 12:33:21 AM
- yap lets talk abt war this afternoon, woke up at 8 this morn, a very good nite sleep actually.....of course the most popular war now is the Iraq war (anyone got drafted? like in the Vietnam war? ...and any other war with the America involved, any wmd found --na--a joke ... and in the middle east Arrafat's gone now--still same news on network everyday--Palestinian and Isreali -- US be the middle man--any more peaceful? I only watch the news now if I want to get bored--same thing, except for the Tsunami , now that was something, you donate yet? Help out?
Only start to appreciate the importance of strategic location.

911, that was probaply how everything got started, besides the war, far reach economica and social implications.

war? It only gives the politician someting to talk about , the soldiers something to do and the media are very excited about it.All for some idealism - didn,t work in vietnam, think it'll work in Iraque? There were much more civility there before this. And Afghanistan, don't hear much about it no more except for that man in the nice hat and traditional colthing suit mr Kazai, yup.

Chicago is a wind yes it is.

ps. my lazy Sunday afternoon...unforgetable playing...hope all is enjoying this day as much as I do.

Ivana82Sunday 13th of February 2005 12:25:24 PM
- Every single war is a tragedy... Only those who haven't felt war on their own skin can support it.
You don't have to be very smart to see what's beside the whole Iraqi crisis... It's so simple: oil. Like, we are supposed to believe that US are truly worried about democracy and human rights in Iraq? Yeah, right. Let's just ask those gentlemen from the White House how many Iraqi babies died because of sanctions and bombings? But, let's be reasonable... What are few thousands of babies compared to millions of barrels of precious black gold. Irony mode: off.
I am deeply worried about the situation in the world today. The worst thing is that there is no solution. Violence brings violence. :(
JohnnyCrowMonday 14th of February 2005 07:21:55 PM
- Why are you so sure it's oil? You don't even live in America. We went to war with Iraq to get Saddam Hussein out of power because he is a malicious leader. Naturally, after we did so, what were we supposed to do? Leave? No. We needed to establish a stable government in Iraq. One in which the people are content. And look how many Iraqis are glad we did so. There was a larger vote turn out there than in America during the presidential election! I don't want America to be the world's police, but right now, it is a necessity. And I agree that every war is a tragedy. But what's a bigger tragedy: us getting Saddam out and killing thousands of people, or keeping him there and letting him kill millions of people? I hope you think deeper about the situation instead of looking at it on the surface and deciding your opinion. Lastly, the statement violence breeds violence isn't always true. Especially against terrorists that will stop at nothing to kill us. Sometimes dealing with the source of the violence can result in less violence than before.
arnaospTuesday 15th of February 2005 05:53:19 AM
Dear Johnny Crow, - You are just as brain-washed by your leaders as Iraqis were under Saddam. I hope you think deeper about the situation instead of looking at it from your own perspective, as an American that has never lived under war, a horrible dictator, military occupation, sanctions and what not.

If you would look a bit better at US foreign policy in the past 50 years maybe you'd understand better why "they hate you". Talking about terrorism, what does Iraq have to do with terrorism? Don't tell me you buy all those lies about Iraq-Al-Quaeda links? Oh, and by the way, have you ever heard of State Terrorism?

Think about this for a while:

since Nagasaki,
the US military has bombed 21 countries:

China 1945-46, 1950-53:
Korea 1950-53:
Guatemala 1954, 1960, 1967-69:
Indonesia 1958:
Cuba 1959-61:
Congo 1964:
Peru 1965:
Laos 1964-73:
Vietnam 1961-73:
Cambodia 1969-70:
Lebanon 1983-84:
Grenada 1983:
Libya 1986:
El Salvador 1980s:
Nicaragua 1980s:
Panama 1989:
Bosnia 1985:
Sudan 2000:
Former Yugoslavia 1999:
Iraq 1991-2005:
Afghanistan 2000, 2001-03

None of America's wars have been protective, all of them have been aggressive in their own interest
Ivana82Tuesday 15th of February 2005 06:39:39 AM
- Oh, Johnny, please...
Saddam was a malicious leader? As malicious as GW Bush? Neh.
Saddam was just an excuse for military intervention... Or, even better, "weapon of mass destruction"... Yes, yes, I remember now. If someone has that kind of weapon, that's Uncle Sam.
Remember 1999.? Well I do. That's because of the America-led NATO bombing of my country. And all I heard that night on CNN was: "Once Milosevic is gone, we'll stop the bombing." Nice one. That's why they used uranium bombs. Oh, by the way, those are forbidden by International law and treaties. Do you know how many people got seriosuly sick because of that? How many died and how many is dying as we speek because of uranium bombs caused leukemia and cancer? Do you have any idea how many hospitals and schools were hit, intentionaly? How many people died? And all that because of Milosevic? Yeah, right. Tell that to the citizens of Nis, city bombed with cluster bombs. (Yes, those are forbidden as well.)
It's simple. US Government's interest is worldwide military presence. If there's no war, US will make sure that blood is shed.
Remember Osama? You know, that funny lookin' guy CIA trained to fight the Ruskies in Afganistan? Something went wrong with that one, ey?
Don't get me wrong, I don't support terrorism, cuz I know what it is. My country felt it, I felt it as well. But when a country is acting the way America does... what do you expect? How come there are no terrorist attacks in Sweden? Or in Portugal? Maybe because they don't pretend to be the taughest kid in a schoolyard, bullying others.
Long story short. Why did America attack Iraq? Becase of the Iraqi oil reserves. Why did they attack my country? So they could build strategic military base in Kosovo (like the one in Urosevac, Bondstill), and get even closer to Middle East and Russia.
Now, let's see how Uncle Sam will deal with North Korea. It's kinda tricky when that small kid can fight back.

arnaospTuesday 15th of February 2005 09:57:39 AM
- I think the only reason the US hasn't attacked N-Korea is because THERE'S NOTHING THERE but poverty, misery and hunger and the US aren't very interested in "liberating nations" or going to wars for humanitarian reasons.

But let's see what they do now, when it's dawning on them that N-Korea might be a real threat to them.