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andymetooTuesday 22nd of March 2005 05:14:48 PM
Braucht jemand Hilfe? - Hallo ich bin neu hier. Ich heiße Andy und wohne in Kalifornien, USA. Meine Deutsch ist nicht 100% perfekt, aber ich habe Deutsch 5 oder 6 Jahre studiert. Wenn jemand Deutschhilfe braucht, sag mir!

I've been studying German for quite some time now, and I'm new here. While I am not fluent, I am able and willing to help anyone at a beginner to moderate level of speaking. If you want to write letters back and forth in E-Mails (I can correct your mistakes to the best of my knowledge if you'd like), or just Classroom with me on an instant messanger program let me know!

Ian DTuesday 05th of April 2005 07:00:13 PM
reply - Andy, Did you get my `efforts` at the first exercise ?
SpangFriday 08th of April 2005 10:10:47 PM
Hi - My name is Ashly.I have studied German on my own for a couple of months, and would greatly appreciate help if you are interested.