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stumMonday 03rd of January 2005 10:43:19 PM
*Deutsch Klasse* - Groß gott,

Ich möchte habe einen klasse für deutsch jeden woche. Ich bin von Australien, so die zeit macht nicht passen jedermann.

Danke schön

StuMWednesday 05th of January 2005 04:34:21 AM
- Ok so people heres the deal....I know that there are heaps of people who want to get better in German and/or start learning. This is the place to do it and if so I would like you to write what times and days are good so we can start one or two classes. I would also like people who are intermediate-fluent in German to help teach the classes. Please contact me and post in here.

I look forward to starting some German in here!


lowenguardWednesday 05th of January 2005 04:45:13 AM
- That's a good idea StuM.
I'll help out when I can.

I am Dutch, neighbor to Germany, and I've learned the language for 5 years in High School. Been there a couple of times too :)

I am pretty flexible in times, monday to thursday between 10am until 1 am EST should be ok.


JNathanGWednesday 05th of January 2005 08:19:16 PM
- I will gladly participate when I am able. I don't have reliable internet access, though. I would like very much to take part, and think that this is a wonderful idea, as I would really, really like to become fluent. I study German very often, and am a lower level intermediate. Again, though... I don't know if or when I will get my computer working again. Until then, I only have access at my friend's house(where I am now). Please contact me by e-mail if you get things set up before I am able to check back here.

Vielen Dank.
assaf_hThursday 06th of January 2005 03:03:30 AM
Anything new on this subject? :) - I would very much like to participate in such a class.
StuMThursday 06th of January 2005 10:37:48 PM
- When are you able to participate? Days/times?

[quote]Originally posted by assaf_h

I would very much like to participate in such a class.[/quote]
FizzSaturday 08th of January 2005 12:30:15 AM
- I really want to improve my german and I want to take part in the class. My german is okay (hopefully). I have holidays at the moment so most days and times suit me. I live in New Zealand, so whatever time suits you will probably be fine.I am looking forward to it.
nachtsternSaturday 08th of January 2005 08:29:36 PM
- I'd like to help out, too.
German is my mothertongue so I'm pretty fluent in it :D
I don't know about the tim thing as I still go to school and there's a huge time difference between Germany and Australia but if lowenguard (neigbour :) ) can do it, so can I. Otherwise you can mail questions to me all the time and they should be ansered pretty fast as I'm online daily
Jason9199Sunday 09th of January 2005 02:26:42 PM
- I don't know if this has started or if it just flopped before it got going, but I am VERY interested and I am available Monday-Saturday until 3pm est except on Wednesday when I'm available anytime.
stumSunday 09th of January 2005 05:12:16 PM
- Yeah this will run once I feel we have enough people at times. It is more then likely there will be two classes running at different time zones. Please keep posting if you want to join as we can all help eachother get betting in German.

tmoonSaturday 15th of January 2005 07:30:50 AM
- I should be able to help out, I think.

I've studied German for eight years now and I'm in the second year of a university degree, "German with Dutch". I'm nearly fluent, but not just yet - I will be living in Frankfurt for 6 months next year so hopefully it'll be fluent by then.

I've also taught beginners' German in schools to children ages 9-11 as a part-time job. So I've got some teaching experience and can help with lesson plans etc.

Once you put down the lesson times, I'll see which of them I can turn up to :).
ninovaSaturday 15th of January 2005 07:39:12 AM
deutches classes for beginners - i`ll be happy to learn deutch if it is possible. im free in the weekends

germanchick91Saturday 15th of January 2005 07:57:34 AM
I will be glad to join - I would be gld to join your classes. I am a student in the USA and I would like to speak German so I'll be able to speak it if I ever go there. Good times for me are Wednesday at around 8:00 pm (pacific time) or on the weekends. Please get back to me!

<3 VB <3

nikiiSunday 16th of January 2005 04:45:22 PM
I can help - hi Stu :) I'd love to help in contributing in a German class or join in if the class is more advanced than what i know :p I've been taking German for 3 years, so i atleast know the basics to help other people if they need help :) I am generally available at anytime on the weekend, and it varies on the weekdays, but i can try to flex my schedule.... Anyways, hope to hear from you! ~~Nikii~~
StuMMonday 17th of January 2005 08:53:41 PM
OK! - Now we have enough interest I will organise with the other teaches and get some classes going. Will be in touch so you all know and we can all learn some German together!


StuMTuesday 25th of January 2005 10:08:59 PM
- Hi guys,

Because of work I have to go interstate for 3 weeks, so classes will start in 4.

See you all when I get back!

cubanmiamimanSaturday 29th of January 2005 06:12:42 AM
i want to learn german - i know very little german and i would like to know more i can learn at any day after 3:30 and if anyone needs any help with spanish im fluent
JenkieSunday 30th of January 2005 01:47:07 AM
- I'd like to participate as well :) have been learning germans for 3 years.