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AberineSunday 01st of May 2005 02:32:18 AM
Deutsch - Hi I have studied German at school but I cannot speak a lot because I have problem with the word order in German and I am not very good at it in general. I want to practice with someone on ICQ or something like that. Cheers!
alexellisukSunday 08th of May 2005 06:07:46 AM
- Hi Aberine,

You already have my ICQ, keep up the hard work !

In German it's more common to use verbessern than bessern in this context.
Zum Beispiel: ich möchte mein Deutsch verbessern

AberineMonday 09th of May 2005 10:30:44 PM
- lol :) DANKEEEE für dein Korrigiernung von meine Fehler! Blaaaa here I´ll need a lot more of deine Hilfe :P