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syksyThursday 25th of November 2004 09:11:52 AM
German PHRASES 00 -
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Here Im going to present the lessons for those among you who want to learn German. If there are any questions, feel free to ask me! :) And if you find any mistakes, please tell me.... this can always happen. ;)

Format Used:
English Phrase
German Phrase



a /AH/

b /BEH/


d /DEH/

e /EH/

f /EFF/

g /GEH/

h /HAA/

i /II/

j /JOTT/

k /KAH/

l /ELL/

m /EMM/

n /ENN/

o /OO/

p /PEH/

q /KUH/

r /RR/

s /ESS/

t /TEH/

u /UU/

v /VAU/

w /WEE /

x /IKS/







(1) Diphtongs
German language often uses Diphtongs, that means two letters representing only one tone.
Here you see the most common Diphtongs and their pronunciation (expressed with the phonetic alphabet):

ai [ai]
ei [ai]
eu [eu]
au [au]
ae pronounced like the
oe pronounced like the
ue pronounced like the

(2) the German s
as in English you have the voiced s and the voiceless s but the difference in pronunciation is heard only slightly so that you can neglect it. ;)
More important is the combination of s with the consonants t and p.
if the combination st or sp is at the beginning of a word it is pronounced like scht and schp.

stehen /schtehen/
spielen /schpielen/

in the middle or at the end of the word the two consonants are pronounced separately.

Lust /lust/
Wespe /wespe/