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SofieThursday 20th of January 2005 09:40:02 AM
Gotteskampf - Hi

I was reading a German fairy tale in which 'Gotteskampf' was mentioned twice. But I don't know what it actually is (I can't find it in any dictionary) or what happens at such a [battle of God?]...

nikiiThursday 20th of January 2005 12:56:30 PM
- hi :) I'm not sure what it means, but i think it means "God's war" ....Can any native speakers tell us what it means?
tmoonFriday 21st of January 2005 02:15:47 AM
- "Struggle of the Gods" maybe? I dunno.
WalnuttreeFriday 21st of January 2005 07:25:44 AM
- Yes, right! - omg - wher did you get that expression from - rammstein lyrics? :)