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their_confessionalFriday 29th of April 2005 08:07:02 AM
Hallo alle zusammen - It seems as though there are a lot of posts from people that want to learn German, so, I feel the need to share some websites I know of and use to learn German. ~ It's a wonderful site; they have plenty of vocab, grammar, and sound files. They used to have an email course for beginners, but I think they took it down because no one signed up for it (except me) :-(

Deutsche Welle (,1595,2547,00.html) ~ This I found recently... you can download lessons that help you with everyday things. In the lessons, they give you some vocab, cognates, activities, and sometimes a puzzle or two ^_^ They also have the lessons downloadable for mp3 to listen to.

And for all the overall language freaks out there, this site is nicely done: Wikipedia ( The link goes directly to the page about the Romance Languages, so you will have to hunt for a certain language to learn about. Keep in mind, it does not give lessons on any languages, it only talks about the history and formation of the languages to their present form (very cool to read about Old English, before the Latin influence).

By the way, I'm new to the site, and one of my main priorities to learn is German, so you guys might see me a little bit around here! :-)