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Kuma00Thursday 13th of January 2005 07:08:46 AM
Help on Subj. - I would appreciate anyone's help with some subjunctive lessons
BananaHamsterThursday 13th of January 2005 10:18:14 AM
- Hi! What specfic problems are you having? Please give me some examples so I can make a tailermade explanation for you!
Kuma00Thursday 13th of January 2005 10:55:59 AM
- I just need some help with some of the cunjugated verbs in a subjunctive sentence, especially irregular verbs like haben and sein. If it's not too much trouble,I would appreciate short list of some of the irregular conjugations.
totoThursday 13th of January 2005 06:53:10 PM
- Hi Kuma00

My name is toto and I studyied German long time ago when I was in High School, although I have forgoten most of it, Im still strugguiling with German, especially because German of Germany and Austria and Switzerland are very different,Im still trying to practice it with my boss whenever I can ( she is from Switzerland ).
Im currently learning Russian, and I found very good books on languages on Barn and Noble by loop 410 and Bandera,yes Im from San Antonio too.
Also you can check and click in San Antonio area, they have a very good school located by Callaghan and the loop 410.
Please let me know if I can be of further help.