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wolf1746Thursday 26th of August 2004 12:51:35 PM
Help with learning German - I need help in my german class. I would like to have a pen pal, in hopes of better grasping the language. Any help is greatly appriciated.
nikiiSaturday 28th of August 2004 03:09:15 PM
Tag! - Hallo Wolf.
Wie geht's? Ich heisse Nikii, und ich bin 14 Jahre alt. Ich kann Deutsches und Englisch sprechen. Ich kann Ihnen mit Deutschem helfen, wenn Sie möchten.
Anyways, i am German-American and i've taken German for 3 years in middle school. For Highschool, i am starting to take intermediate German. I can help you if you'd like. I can try to answer your questions, and help you with translation. My grammar is not so great, but i can still try to help.;) If you would like any help,PM me:)
Take care and good luck;)