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TsunamyTuesday 17th of August 2004 05:28:55 PM
Hi, I'm new here - hi i'm portuguese and i'm new here.
i whant to learn german
JNathanGTuesday 17th of August 2004 08:06:11 PM
Hello - Hello, Tsunamy. I'm trying to learn German as well(and only know a few basics). If you need any help or just want to Classroom(about anything), drop me a line!

nikiiTuesday 17th of August 2004 08:14:45 PM
Hello - Hi Tsunamy. I'm German-American, but i take German in school, since i never learned it from my parents. I can help you if you want, i'm often in Classroom or browsing around the internet(espcially during the summer), but just let me know if you need anything. Take care!