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xstarstruckxWednesday 21st of April 2004 01:30:45 AM
I am new here, and I'm trying to learn german.... - I've been trying to teach myself german for about 2 years now, and can only speak the basic's, and can understand it better when spoken/written to me then me actually speaking/writing it. I need someone who will help me learn word order, either my email, messenger, snail mail etc. All the german literature I find online, doesn't really help me, so that would be great too...
SpartikusWednesday 21st of April 2004 03:28:52 PM
German - I can probably help you out with your german a bit. Just email me. i also have AIM and MSN messenger. just tell me what you need help with.
anschub86Monday 03rd of May 2004 10:30:29 AM
Gruß aus Deutschland - Ich kann dir helfen deinen Trip vorzubereiten.Und natürlich auch bei den Gewohnheiten,die wir hier so pflegen.