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Dam_skippyWednesday 20th of October 2004 10:59:59 AM
I need help with Russian and German please. - Hi all! My name is Austin and I'm fairly new here. I'm trying to learn Russian and German. I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me. I would be happy to help anyone with english! I'll help you with anything I can. You can email me at
And my yahoo messenger ID is Ich_liebe_Julia_21 Thanks!
P.S. Anya has given me some help with Russian, and I'd like to say thanks to her!
Peter fra LAWednesday 20th of October 2004 11:25:12 AM
- Welcome to phrasebase Austin,

You are lucky to have Anya helping you with Russian, she is a good teacher, and student.

Because you have started to meet some of our Russian speaking members, I am going to move you into the German discuss so you can get an introduction to them. You may want to go to the Russian discuss and post a hello message in there on your own.

I may work on your photo as well so it is smaller for our users that have modems and telephone lines.

Peter fra LAWednesday 20th of October 2004 11:31:38 AM
- I added natural sunlight on your face and to brighten up the room. You are now down from 60K to 5K in size. Not sure if you actually have a window to the sun in that room.


Or if you like the warmer yellow tones.


Dam_skippyWednesday 20th of October 2004 11:35:16 AM
thanks - Thanks for the reply Peter! I'll check out the German and Russian discusss. And if you know how to make my photo smaller, please help me. I don't like my picture that big either. But I know almost nothing about i don't know how to fix it. Sorry if it's causing an inconvenience to anyone (well an inconveneience aside from making someone look at my huge ugly pic). Thanks again!
Peter fra LAWednesday 20th of October 2004 11:37:33 AM
- Right click on a small picture of your choice and choose Save As.

Then go to you Account menu and modify your profile. Upload the smaller picture as your new Avatar. Then clear your internet cache, or simply wait for a few days and it will automatically clear and start displaying the new photo.

AnyaWednesday 20th of October 2004 12:08:19 PM
- Austin,
You are welcome. If you would like further Russian lessons, let me know and I can help.

Re: avatar picture. if you can't upload one, I've sent another one to Jeff, he is able to upload them also, although he's quite busy! We'll work on this, PM questions or come to Classroom and I can walk you through it!

P.S. Peter, thank you for your vote of confidence!
BananaHamsterWednesday 20th of October 2004 12:43:15 PM
- Catch me in Classroom, and I will be sure to help you out with German!