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Lexy11485Thursday 20th of January 2005 10:13:47 PM
i'm new! - alo, wie gehts?

My name is Alexandra and I am interested in learning German!! I know a few basic phrases, but I would like to advance in it and progress. If you would like to help me, it would be very much appreciated!

If you're not much of a teacher, but want a pen pal that's cool too. I'm always up for meeting new people! Thanx!
nikiiFriday 21st of January 2005 12:55:00 AM
- Hi Alexandra :)
I've been studying german for 3 years in school, so i'm not a native speaker exactly, but i can still try to help you if you want :p ...I can atleast teach you most of the essential basics if you'd like :)
Well, take care and good luck :)
Lexy11485Friday 21st of January 2005 10:03:26 AM
- hello nikii,

I'd be great if you could help me out with german! I'd really appreciate it. You can email me or whatever. my email is Hope to hear from you soon!

~ Alexandra
SarangSaturday 22nd of January 2005 04:44:43 AM
Hello - Hello Nikii and Alexandra-
Myself-Sarang. I am also into learning German language- I've started some classes for the same, but the idea of a pen pal learning the same language is great. Hoping ur replies soon. My e-mail I.d is
nikiiSaturday 22nd of January 2005 10:18:25 PM
- If anyone would like to get in contact with me:


Yahoo IM: dream_revolution24

AIM: traumrevolution

MSN: nikiib

Skype: nikiib

... I'm generally available anytime on the weekends if you need me, and on the weekdays it varies, but i'm generally available in the evenings :p Let me know what level you're at and/or what you need help on if you have any problems areas I can try to help you with :) Whenever I'm online, feel free to IM me. And if there is a time that works best for you, let me know and I'll try to work it into my schedule:)
If you need voice Classroom, my mic has a slight echo, but I've got it worked so that it doesn't have any problems. For voice Classroom, I'll generally be available on Yahoo or Skype, since it works best for me, and doesn't really echo (anymore). If there is another way that works best for you, let me know and I'll try to work it out.
Take care and good luck :)
aushtar2000Sunday 13th of February 2005 06:01:52 PM
i'm new - Hi Alexandra, nikii and Sarang .
I am very interested in languages generally , i studied French , and trying to learn anything about german .
So I am thinking that i know the same basic phrases Alexandra knows in german , but still having no hope of progress .
is it easy to learn a language at 25 years old (my age).
And i would like also to know what are you studying german for . Is it for interest or to get a job , travel .
For me : I am only interested .
Best Regards
Lexy11485Sunday 13th of February 2005 06:42:19 PM
- I'm interested in learning German for a job. I'm studying International Business, so the more languages I know the better.
onebillionandtwoMonday 14th of February 2005 10:04:39 AM
- I joined this site a while ago, but am just now getting into it. I only know a couple of words in German, but I'm trying to learn more, and I think talking on-line is a really good idea. My AIM id is onebillionandtwo.