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KWCSunday 21st of November 2004 08:26:47 PM
Keen to Learn German - I appreciate for reading my note. It would be very helpful if you help me in teaching me german. Eagerly waiting for someone. Thanks in anticipation. Bye
Leto_AtreidesMonday 22nd of November 2004 01:59:22 AM
learning - some people helped me with several things so just ask around!
BananaHamsterMonday 22nd of November 2004 05:33:09 AM
- Sure- you can hit me up via Classroom or email. At the moment, I am travelling a bit so I would be slow to respond.
bogdanWednesday 24th of November 2004 09:02:10 AM
I would like to learn German too - Hello. I am new to this discuss and to this site in general. I didn't start any new thread because I considered this one suited perfectly for my problem.
The idea is that I want to achieve some basic knowledge on the German language. I know some English (well... who doesn't ? :)) and some French, and as it was for the last one, I want to learn German just because I like the sound of this language.
Now, I don't expect you people to spend your time with someone like myself, but I really believe there is at least one person willing to help me in this particular manner:
-first, I'm posting my YM ID -->
-second, I kindly ask anyone interested in helping me to send some e-mails at that address with attachments like:
a song (something soft, ballads..:)) and, if possible,it's lyrics; or a magic "theach yourself German language in 21 days" if you have such :); or if you have a picture of your country ( for native German people) and want to share it, please feel free to send it to me...
I think you got the picture :D. Well, thanks for your patience and hope to read your e-mails soon. Bye
WalnuttreeMonday 17th of January 2005 07:57:12 AM
- Hey! I'm a native too - and not too busy at the moment - so just contact me, If you are interested in some help!