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Paul8Friday 28th of January 2005 02:35:37 PM
Pronunciation Guide??? - I need help pronouncing German. I'm not talking about the rulesa, what I need is how to pronounce certain letters like Ä and s (which seems to be different) also the German R. I've heard that it sounds like a French R but whenever I hear German it doesn't sound like it and I can't get the sound down. I need someone who can explain the positions of the lips mouth and tongue. This has helped me to pronounce letters in other language such as Sad and and Dad in Arabic (you just roll the two sides of your tongue to the top and lower the middle part to the bottom while trying to pronounc 's' or 'd' and if you get it right when you try to say "sad" it should come out as "sold" (like soldering[how you make circuit boards]) and the same for dad
nikiiFriday 28th of January 2005 05:59:01 PM
- Hey Paul, i can help ya :) I found my mic earlier , so now it works :p c ya :)
derAusländerSunday 30th of January 2005 12:18:14 PM
- i'll be doing a lesson on the alphabet, dipithongs, constanants. and i will be extremly focused on pronounciation. so if you want so real accurate german pronounciation. look out for a post date by me in the class schedule discuss. peace
Paul8Tuesday 08th of February 2005 01:56:41 PM
- Ok I don't need anymore help I f09und a site that explains it all so Ima post what I found here

A - ah in father
Ä - a in cake
B - b (sounds like p before s and at end of syllable)
C - k (with h after, i.e. ch, is pronounced like ch in loch after a ä o or u and like english ch or k after other vowels)
D - d (sounds like t before s and at end of syllable) (dt sounds like t)
E - e in egg
F - F in fine
G - g in egg (sometimes like s in pleasure)
H - h (silent if inbetween vowels and voiced if before a vowel)
I - ee in peek
J - y in yoke
K - K in Kill
L - l in kill
M - M in mom
N - n in nun
O - O in pope
Ö - (pronounce e with lips puckered [it sounds similar to o])
P - p in pay (with h, i.e. ph, sounds like f)(pf sounds just like it looks but its kinfda hard to pronounce, you should listen to a german say it)
Q - q in queer
R - similar to NON-parisian R (in french)
S - s in size or last s in sizes
ß - is a double s (uppercase is SS this is the lowercase version)
T - t in table (when it's tion it's pronounced tsion)
U - oo in moon
Ü - (try pronouncing 'ee' with lips puckered[it's right when the sound is similar to u])
V - f in fake
W - v in van
X - x in excorsist
Y - y in yoke
Z - ts in nuts