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saksmax33Wednesday 20th of October 2004 12:48:52 PM
Teachers wanted!!! - Hi,
I am Saket from India.I want to learn German and already know a few of the basics.Can anyone help me on a regular basis?

pumukelWednesday 20th of October 2004 04:07:52 PM
I can you teach German - Hi,

Ich bin Heidi aus Deutschland und studiere gerade in den USA Biologie. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Hindi Lernpartner, der wirklich daran interessiert ist etwas in Deutsch zu lernen und mir auch helfen möchte. Hoffe du meldest dich.

So that was your first lesson, hope you could understand something, otherwise I'm pleased to help you (-:
I'm Heidi and I really want to learn Hindi and am looking for someone like a "language twin". So if you are still interested in learning German and to hear something about Germany, just let me know. I also hope you can help me with Hindi, but I even started learning the letters and their pronunciation. Allowedly it is very difficult, because different letters in your language sounds just like one letter in my language (-; I hear all time Indian internetradio, in order get used to the language (and I like the music too!)
So hope it will work out