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delanoMonday 01st of November 2004 05:40:07 AM
want to learn german - I would like to Classroom with a native german speaking person for improving'infact for learning' german.
I would welcome and meet any one who want a clear Classroom in MSN messenger... pelease provide me with your user name for me to add you in my msn contacts...

best wishes..
BananaHamsterMonday 01st of November 2004 06:15:52 AM
- While I am not a truly native speaker, I would be happy to help you if you see me online.
Monday 01st of November 2004 06:32:20 AM
German - Hmm. well even if i do not apreciate the phrase Native.. I am Austrian if that helps.. i am fluent in english and german ( even if my spelling ays otherwise *g*)
KayKayMonday 01st of November 2004 06:47:19 AM
German - Hi i am nativ ( uhh..I hate that phrase) can i help?
KayKayMonday 01st of November 2004 06:50:35 AM
- Banana Hamster ... If you are not german what are you doing in hamburg?