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JB_22Monday 18th of October 2004 08:18:41 PM
Will any one teach me german? - hey i know only how to say alphebet im just starting if any one can teach me i would love it. (im a fast learner)
Peter fra LAMonday 18th of October 2004 09:25:06 PM
- Hey JB

This is for the country Germany...

I am going to move you into the German Language discuss. Hopefully someone there will have a mic as teaching you the german CH sound in Classroom (using only text phonetics wasn't working).

nikiiTuesday 19th of October 2004 01:49:44 PM
- Hey JB!

I'm taking German in school, and this is my 3rd year.I'll be glad to help you out if you need help!
The_ReaperTuesday 19th of October 2004 01:51:03 PM
- Hey JB,
I used to study German at school and still remember quite a lot of it. Let me know if you need any help... if can help in any way, i'll try my best.