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andymetooWednesday 23rd of March 2005 07:03:56 AM
Wir brauchen Hilfe! - All help in constructing the German section of "Phrases" would be a great help to those out there trying to begin German. I noticed that German a language that very many people here would love to learn, but it is difficult because the German section of this site is only....4% complete!!! I have added in a couple of phrases myself, but I am not 100% confident in my speaking abilities to do many other things.

I am calling for you native German speakers to help out the community and, not to sound like a jerk, but, get to work!!! ;)

I am still pretty new to this whole setup, but if anyone needs help on how to do this drop me a line. Just make sure you are set to English -> German and go to "Phrases" and start filling in the blanks.

The newcomers to the langauge will appreciate it greatly!

Thank you.


P.S. This is what I mean about 4% complete:

The stats page seems to update as the pages do, since I brought the language from 2% to 4% one very boring night. :-p
You work will show! Thanks again.
plinyThursday 24th of March 2005 10:59:34 AM
- I can't figure out how to add frases... or even to find the excisting one's in any language but English.

Any idea why?
andymetooFriday 25th of March 2005 05:58:23 PM
- Hm I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean, but to add phrases you have to find the phrase, and then click on this little picture that looks like a pencil and paper or something. I really can't tell, it's pretty small. (It's the one above that dot thing.) I'll try to get a picture up.

Also, did you make sure that you set it to English -> German? I'm sure you did, but like I said I'm not totally sure what you mean, man. Sorry.
plinySaturday 26th of March 2005 05:43:04 AM
- When I hit the little page thingy with the pencil thing all I get is a place to add the written translation. I can't figure out how to add the a vocal one.

andymetooSunday 27th of March 2005 02:24:52 PM
- Good question, I can't figure out this one either. Anyone else know? I guess for now just the written Phrases will help a lot.
MerySunday 27th of March 2005 11:53:19 PM
- Hi,

I think pliny shouldn't try to translate the English sentences into German because he's not a native speaker. People who have to do that work have to be an Administrator. At the moment we haven't found a German Admin :( I asked Jeff (the owner of the site) if he wanted me to start translating the German sentences and he told me it was not necessary. That job will have to be done by the German Admin.

When you have to work in the Phrases Section, you need a password and a username to add the sentences more easily. Not anyone can add sentences in the Phrases section!!! I really think you should ask Jeff first.

You won't be able to add audio files, simply because the sentences have to be recorded with a special software and be sent to Jeff. It's quite complicated to do.

So, please, before doing anything in that part of the site, contact Jeff! ;) It'd be very stupid if all the Phrases added would have to be deleted!

I hope it can answer your questions :)

andymetooMonday 28th of March 2005 06:32:58 AM
- Oh alright, well thank you for clearing that up. Like I said, I'm still a bit new, so I was kind of under the impression that anyone could add the Phrases at anytime (kind of like a Wikipedia sort of thing).
Olen OmenaFriday 01st of April 2005 12:41:05 PM
- I'm not a native speaker but am nevertheless fluent and would love to help whenever needed!
nachtsternFriday 22nd of April 2005 06:55:07 PM
- I'm a native speaker and I could help with written Phrases, but not with the audio files.

MyhereSunday 22nd of May 2005 09:18:27 PM
- I am a native speaker as well and I can speak english nearly better than german, socontact me you need myhelp. I did also add some Phrases to the db but it takes very long.