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KristinkaWednesday 06th of October 2004 10:24:56 AM
Basic Hebrew Phrases - Basic Hebrew Phrases

ken. Yes.

lo. No.

bevakasha. Please.

toda. Thank you.

al lo davar. You're welcome.

slikha. Excuse me.

ani mitsta-er. I am sorry.

boker tov. Good morning.

erev tov. Good afternoon.

layla tov. Good night.

Hebrew Phrases for Meeting and Greeting

ata medaber anglit? Do you speak English?

mishehu po medaber anglit? Does anyone here speak English?

ani medaber rak ketsat ivrit. I only speak a little Hebrew.

ma shimkha? What is your name?

shemi mikhal. My name is Mikhal.

ma shelomkha? How are you?

ani beseder, toda. I'm fine, thank you.

na-im me-od lehakir otkha. I am very glad to meet you.

ani lo mevin. I don't understand.

ma amarta? What did you say?

efshar ledaber yoter le-at? Can you speak more slowly?

ani mevin bediyuk. I understand perfectly.

Hebrew Dialog

Mrs. Levin:
boker tov. Good morning.

at medaberet anglit? Do you speak English?

Store Clerk:
ani mitsta-eret, ani lo medaberet anglit.
I'm sorry, I do not speak English.

Mrs. Levin:
letsa-ari, ani medaberet rak ketsat ivrit.
Unfortunately, I only speak a little Hebrew.

Store Clerk:
ze beseder. That's all right.

ani mevina otakh. I understand you.

LyddiTuesday 04th of January 2005 07:22:01 PM
- There is something I do not understand...
Why do you use Latin, instead of Hebrew traditional alphabet?
AberineTuesday 08th of March 2005 01:52:23 AM
hi - Toda Kristinka it was very helpful for me as i`m super-beginner and i wouldn`t be able to understand it if u had written it in hebrew!
KristinkaThursday 05th of May 2005 10:37:21 PM
- Lyddi, i dont have a hebrew keyboard. bear with me!